The “Christmas miracle” continues for Rosabella, the abused dog found in a cage in the freezing cold

We are so far from the sad spectacle that the volunteers witnessed the day they learned that a dog called Rosabella was suffering from cold, hunger and confinement. A year after her rescue, she is happier and healthier than ever.

At the end of 2021, the team of Ruff Start Rescuean association based in Princeton in Minnesota, made a terrible discovery a few days before Christmas. A dog in a white coat was kept outside in a cage by 4°C, sleeping on the frozen ground. She was exhausted, freezing, extremely thin, dehydrated and her legs deformed from the confinement.

Moved by his fate, Breanna Jensen had decided to become his foster mother. With her family, she had helped Rosabella to go up the slope. The dog was gaining weight and getting better and better over the weeks.

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Ruff Start Rescue / Facebook

She had become friends with the other canines of the household and was finally rediscovering the life of a dog of which she was deprived: games, caresses, treats and affection. ” She is our Christmas miracle “, said then Breanna Jensen.

What happened to her a year later? Well, Rosabella wears like a charm! His life took a new positive turn.

Ruff Start Rescue has, indeed, given news of the female dog on his page Facebook last November 10. In the post in question, the association relayed the message of the new owner of Rosabella. She was actually adopted, reports The Dodo.

“Such a nice girl, so happy and curious about everything”

After seeing her sad story on the news, I knew I had to help her. Luckily, I was chosen among the potential adopters “, thus told his mistress.

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The latter had introduced her to her dog Lucy, a Pitbull mix. The agreement had been immediate and total between the 2 congeners. They have been inseparable ever since.

She’s such a nice girl, so happy and curious about everythingcontinued the owner. She follows us everywhere. She has grown a lot, she is healthy and very active. »

Rosabelle has never been so happy and fulfilled in her life. ” Now she gets the much-needed love in her forever home! “, concluded the publication.


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