The Children’s Mule Cup Championship is taking place right now

Straight out of the 1980s, the mullet cut is still trending in the United States, at least with some people. Thus, since Monday, the mullet cup championship for children has been held across the Atlantic, reports The Dispatch.

The principle: decide between all the young candidates sporting the most beautiful haircut, short in front and long behind as tradition dictates. More than 700 contestants from across the United States are participating this year.

The origin of the mullet cut

You can vote on the website for your favorite hairstyle. The organizers shared photos of the 25 finalists on Facebook. Boys or girls, aged 6, 8 or 10, the children smile in front of the camera with their characteristic haircut. The winner will be announced this Friday.

The mullet cut, also called the “long nape”, was very fashionable from the 1970s to the 1990s. The idea was to shave the sides of the head, while leaving the front and back of the hair to grow freely. Singer David Bowie made this cut famous by sporting it during his heyday when he played glam-rock character Ziggy Stardust.

Many stars then wore it, such as Bono, Keith Richards, George Michael or Billy Ray Cyrus. American athletes were not left out, judging the mullet both practical to style and very aesthetic. If the “long neck” gave a trendy and rebellious look at the time, it has since fallen into disuse.

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