The chef’s trick to removing stove burn stains. You have to pour a product on it

When cooking a dish, it is not always easy to avoid splashes and overflows. Unless you wipe them up right away, stains that build up on the cooktop become increasingly difficult to remove over time. Here are some quick and easy tips to unclog them.

To effortlessly clean even the most stubborn cooking stains, there are several natural methods that will make your stovetop look like new.

baking stains

Cooking stains – Source: spm

Infallible tricks to quickly remove cooking stains on the stove

When food spills out of the pot or squirts out of the pan during cooking, the heat from the stovetop sticks together the spots that eventually burn. They then become very difficult to remove, unless you use these few tricks, which are effective on enamelled surfaces as well as stainless steel. However, they should be avoided on induction hobs and ceramic hobs.

  • Clean cooking stains on the stove with flour

For quick and effortless cleaning, pour a small amount of flour onto a damp cloth and then rub it against stains and other traces of burnt-on food. This should be enough to find a flawless surface.

flour stain remover

Flour can be a great stain remover – Source: spm

  • Clean the stove with baking soda and toothpaste

Like flour, baking soda powder works wonders on a multitude of surfaces, including stove tops. Impregnate a microfiber cloth with baking soda then clean the burnt parts.

To increase its action, you can combine it with toothpaste. To do this, mix a small amount of baking soda with a paste of mint toothpaste. Apply the substance to the food residue, either by hand or using a clean cloth, then leave to act for a few minutes before scrubbing with an old toothbrush. The bristles of the brush will help the mixture to act in depth on the stubborn stains.

bicarbonate toothbrush

Toothbrush and baking soda will overcome the most stubborn stains – Source: spm

  • Borax powder to get rid of encrusted food residue on the stove

As with baking soda, borax powder is a cleaning agent that can work very effectively on this type of stubborn stains. To make the most of it, mix the powder with water and dishwashing liquid then apply this mixture to the encrusted marks with a microfiber cloth. Let stand before rinsing with a damp cloth.

  • Declutter the stovetop with a plastic spatula

Helping to preserve the enamel of your cooker, the plastic spatula is very effective on cooking stains dried by heat. Deftly and firmly push the utensil at the base of the burnt spot to remove it and you’re done. This method can also be used in addition to the techniques mentioned in the case of stubborn residues that are particularly difficult to remove.

Remember that to avoid this type of inconvenience, you must always clean the cooker as soon as cooking is finished, before the residue adheres to the surface. There is also a way to prevent stains by placing aluminum foil on the baking sheet. And if, despite these precautions, some residue remains, you now know simple and natural tips to overcome the most stubborn stains.

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