the certificate of commitment redefines the contours of purchase and adoption


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J.-C. Batteria, S. Pichavant, G. Gheorghita and L. Michel – France 3

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From Saturday, October 1, you will have to wait a week to adopt a dog, cat or rabbit. This time for reflection is imposed by the new certificate of commitment, which must be signed.

Compulsive animal adoption is no longer possible, effective Saturday, October 1. To acquire an animal for the first time, a reflection period of seven days is now mandatory. This is one of the new features of the commitment certificate. In 15 points, it indicates in particular the needs of the chosen animal, the cost of care, that of food, and the penalties incurred in the event of abandonment. A family had come the week to choose their cat, and sign the documents of the SPA of Orgeval (Yvelines). “You have to think carefully, and once it’s well thought out, don’t hesitate, you have to come”says Cécile Brétignière, adopter.

For them, the seven days of reflection did not pose a problem. In this refuge, however, it is feared that the certificate will discourage some candidates for adoption. “We are afraid that it will block us a little bit from the animals at the shelter. But hey, afterwards, it’s a blessing in disguise”, says Aurelie Ithurdibe, the shelter’s team leader. The commitment certificate is also mandatory for donations between individuals, as well as in pet stores, which sell rabbits in particular. At the end of the year, horses will also be affected.

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