The #carnivordiet diet, a dangerous trend for health?

The British singer James Blunt tried this diet when he was a student and shared his experience on the culinary podcast “Table Manners with Jessie Wars”. “Annoyed” to be surrounded by vegansthe interpreter of “You’re Beautiful” then ate exclusively meat.

Result: after eight weeks, he developed symptoms related to scurvy…

This vitamin C deficiency can lead to a loosening of teeth or even bleeding. Without appropriate support, it can even be fatal

In addition, eliminating fruits and vegetables entirely is equivalent to drastically decrease them carbohydrates as well as fibers. This last “stimulates the growth of good intestinal bacteria (prebiotic effect), which prevents constipation by promoting regular bowel function”specifies on its Diabetes Quebec website.

This restrictive diet can lead to increased cholesterol among his followers because of saturated fatsfound in red meat, some poultry and dairy products. “So too much meat presents real dangers and increases our risk of heart disease and cardiovascular diseaseexplains Emma Beckett, scientist in nutrition and food of the University of Newcastle on the site ABC Everyday.

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