The Buffalo grill restaurant is back in Abbeville

The brand opened on Tuesday October 25, 2022, rue Rose-Bertin, in the Deux Vallées business park. About twenty people make up the team, mostly recruited with the Abbeville employment centre.

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Since Tuesday October 25, 2022, Abbeville has found a Buffalo grill restaurant. It is located a stone’s throw from the old rue Rose-Bertin, in the Deux Vallées business park. Covering an area of ​​550 m2, it has 180 seats and an outdoor terrace with 60 seats.

This Abbevillois Buffalo grill is the sixth of Pascal Moiret, an entrepreneur from the region. He was asked by the brand for this relocation. ”
Buffalo grill approached me to find out if I wanted to operate the franchise in Abbevillehe explains. I live in Le Touquet (Pas-de-Calais) and I have all my childhood memories in Quend-Plage and Le Crotoy.
“As for the chosen location, it “
enjoys good visibility on a passing axis.

“We come in addition”

Asked about the fears of his competition, Pascal Moiret temporizes: “
come in addition to what is done in the sector with the grill, essentially. We had to be present in Abbeville because customers are attached to our brand and have already come to us before.

Attendance at the first services seems to prove him right: 260 covers on the opening day on Tuesday; 120 covers, Wednesday noon. ”
It’s a good start because we haven’t communicated at allconcedes the franchisee. We are also leaving with a brand new team, which does not necessarily come from the hotel and catering sector. We wanted to give them a chance. 90% of our twenty employees come from the Abbeville sector and many were long-term unemployed.

Professional retraining for employees

All have been trained internally, in other Buffalo Grill restaurants in Hauts-de-France and at the School of Chefs (Arras). They learned a new trade, like Benjamin Aignerel, a 29-year-old Abbevillois. After two years of unemployment, this butcher-charcutier became a cook: “
I do the grilling. It’s another rhythm to take but I like it.

Same observation for Catherine Dessauve. Former executive assistant at the Belle-Dune golf course (Quend-Fort-Mahon-Plage), this 50-year-old became an executive assistant at the Buffalo grill after several months of unemployment. ”
It’s a great challenge to open such a beautiful restaurant
“, assures this resident of Pont-Rémy.

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