the boss withdraws his complaint

On Wednesday morning, the owners of the restaurant “Le Petit Bourguignon-Chez Ayrton” in Vitrival withdrew their complaint for grivèlerie which they had filed Monday morning at the Fosses-la-Ville police station. Customers who had left Sunday noon without paying the whole bill came to pay their debt of 18 euros.

As a reminder, the group of 4 people had only paid 162 euros for 4 menus at 45 euros (a total of 180 euros).

“It was the dad who came on Tuesday evening after reading the article in your newspaper. He apologized for not paying the full bill. He believed in good faith that everything was in order and that the bill had been paid correctly. He assured me that he had eaten very well and that everything had gone well. »

All’s well that ends well for the bosses of the “Petit Bourguignon-Chez Ayrton” who say they are happy with this outcome.

This happened at the restaurant “Le Petit Bourguignon-Chez Ayrton” in Vitrival. -DR


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