the boss of the Saint-Séverin grocery store is 16 years old



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B. Pillet, C. Guinot, C. Grivet – France 3

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He already has his own grocery store. In Saint-Séverin in Charente-Maritime, Giovanny Fortune took over a store, helped by his father who runs the restaurant opposite, to the delight of customers.

At almost 17, Giovanni is the only grocer in Saint-Séverin. Open For only a few days, customers have their habits: fish, local cheese and all groceries. Customers, mostly residents of the village, are proud of their youngest trader. I think it’s very brave, it’s good that a young person like that invests so much”assures a woman. At 16, I think we really have to encourage him, because he has worked”adds another.

To open his grocery store without being of age, Giovanny, who holds a CAP in sales, was helped by his father. He bought the building and then hired his son as an employee. Yet it is the young man who manages. It’s nice to have a business at 16, it’s rare. It’s nice to be alone in a company”, explains Giovanny Fortune, grocery store “Les Quatre saisons”. His father owns the village bar-restaurant and detected the commercial fiber of his Giovanny. “IHe was eight years old and he worked with me”says Alex Fortune, father of Giovanny, owner of the bar restaurant “Le Commerce”.

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