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It’s the safe bet you’re going to want to come back to.

At the gates of Brussels, the address has been making foodies dream for six years now. The Maxime Colin restaurant, awarded 15/20 by Gault & Millau, settled in 2016 between the castle and the lake, in an enchanting place that promises a moment of timeless escape. Many already know the address, the others have necessarily already heard of it at least once.

A gourmet refuge in the heart of nature

But, since last spring, a real rediscovery awaits those who pass through the doors of this former vintage 17th century presbytery in Kraainem. Chef Maxime Colin has decided to bring a breath of fresh air to his address, both by repainting the walls and reinventing the menu. The four separate small rooms on the ground floor, each offering a particular atmosphere, have been repainted in dark red and anthracite. On the furniture side, we opted for natural wood and LED lights that add an extra design touch that contrasts with the authenticity of the place. In short, it’s beautiful, it’s warm, it’s almost like home.

Plates presented by those who concocted them

Culinary know-how and more! Here, Maxime Colin, like a painter, draws sumptuous dishes straight out of his imagination. We give pride of place to seasonal products, through imaginative dishes but always respecting each ingredient. The balance is subtle but always present, despite the sometimes incongruous associations on which we would not necessarily have bet at the beginning. In the background, the open fire in the main room crackles. During this time, the plates parade, presented by the chefs who prepared them. ” Be indulgent ! », humorously warns Maxime Colin. Results ? A relaxed service but with small onions. The originality is that we finally discover the actors in the shadows who officiate in the kitchen.

The menus are available in 3 courses (€50 + wine €30), 4 courses (€90 + wines €45), 5 courses (€110 + wine €55). In mid-October, we enjoyed a sweetbread from Lorèze grilled over a wood fire and its compressed celeriac, but also an oyster, gilthead sea bream, Teriyaki jelly and watercress emulsion. The organic egg cooked at 64° and its cappuccino of porcini mushrooms and foie gras, ballota ham is a little killer too. The menu constantly evolves according to the producers and the seasons. We therefore do not hesitate to come and sit down at the Restaurant Maxime Colin, the safe bet where you will want to take all those you love.


Where ? Chemin du Curé 1, 1950 Kraainem

When ? Tuesday to Saturday from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. and from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Closed Saturday noon, Sunday and Monday.

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