The best winter boots for dogs

It’s true, some dog breeds are better adapted to face Quebec winters. Despite everything, you have to be sure to protect the parts of the body most susceptible to frostbite: the legs. Here are the best dog winter boots.

During a walk in cold weather, it is necessary to be attentive to the behavior of the dog in order to ensure that its comfort is optimal. In an animal, the first signs of frostbite may look like stiffness in the limbs, pain when touched, or tissue discoloration.

Once home, rinse and dry the dog’s paws to remove excess snow and salt. During the winter, it is always better to keep the coat around the legs shorter. This method prevents snow from sticking and makes cleaning easier.

Before a walk, it is possible to apply a protective balm, based on vegetable fat or in the form of wax, under the paws of dogs. While this protection can help ward off frostbite, there’s nothing quite like donning winter dog boots, socks, or slippers.

Dog boots will not only protect against frostbite, but they will also protect the pads from calcium, antifreeze products and salt that accumulates on the ground in winter.

To choose the right dog boots, you have to make sure that they mold the legs, without being too tight. Ill-fitting boots can cause injury and cut off blood circulation. You have to think about adjusting the size of the boots according to the length of the claws.

There are several types of dog boots, such as nylon, fleece or rubber. It is enough to choose the boots that suit the season and the physical activity of the dog.

1. Fleece Dog Boots

Canada Pooch winter boots protect the dog’s paws against all weather conditions, be it snow, rain or mud. As they are lined in fleece, it keeps the dog warm all winter. In addition, they are equipped with a Velcro strap to secure the boot around the dog’s leg so that they do not fall off while walking.


PRICE: $76.91

2. Soft Cotton Dog Boots

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, these dog boots are machine washable. This is a great gift for your pet, sure to stay warm all winter long.


PRICE: $10.18

3. Silicone dog boots

Ideal for medium-sized dogs, these silicone dog boots provide full waterproof coverage. They keep paws clean and warm in good weather, as in bad weather.


PRICE: $19.99

4. Fleece Dog Boots

Designed and manufactured in Canada, Muttluks dog boots offer ample protection. Made of nylon outer fabric and lined with fleece, these boots effectively protect against ice, snow, cold and salt.


PRICE: $59.99

5. Non-slip dog boots

Easy to put on, these dog boots have a wide seam opening as well as adjustable and reflective straps. This way the boots can be adjusted to the size of the dog for maximum safety. They also have non-slip soles.


PRICE: $32.99

6. Rubber dog boots

These rubber dog boots are non-slip to ensure dog’s safety when walking or running. They are waterproof and therefore resistant to rain and snow.


PRICE: $16.77

7. Fleece Dog Boots

These dog boots are made with the same fabric used for diving. They therefore offer excellent water resistance. As they are lined on the inside, they keep paws warm (and dry) all winter long.


PRICE: $38.99

8. 4-Season Nylon Dog Boots

Made of nylon, these boots provide protection from hot pavement and sand as well as ice, snow and salt. The flexible treated leather soles are comfortable and adapt to the shape and movement of the paw.


PRICE: $59.99

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