The best restaurants in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris

Smallest district of the capital, the 2nd nevertheless concentrates a slew of beautiful addresses within it. Articulated around the former Paris Stock Exchangethe district is home, for example, to the magnificent and timeless covered passagesof the streets with the charm of yesteryear as well as a myriad of shops, businesses, and of course… restaurants! We present to you today 6 of these addresses that make us melt with envy.

Gyoza Bar

If the gyoza madness has taken over Paris for a few years now, it’s hard to find dishes as tasty as in this shop in the heart of the city. the Gyoza Barnestled in the idyllic Passage of the Panoramasis a veritable temple of Japanese dumplings embellished with a speakeasy. Expertly crafted by chefs Shinichi Sato and Guillaume Guedjwe find an ultra-simple and devilishly effective card, which will transport you directly to the land of the rising sun.

Gyoza Bar – 56, Passage des Panoramas, 75002

Little Havana

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Little Havana – Photos: Paris Secret

Colourful, authentic and lively, Little Havana opened its doors recently in the heart of the rue d’Argout. Mecca of the Cuban street foodthere are delicious bocadillos as well as tapas all as tasty as each other. A great culinary adventure awaits you here, what’s more in an exotic setting in homage to the Tierra Caliente.

Little Havana – 67, rue d’Argout, 75002


neapolitan pizza pop

In our ranking of best pizzas in Paris, Popine figure as the authentic one that everyone adores. The pizzeria in the 2nd arrondissement has enchanted Parisians since its opening. Authentic and approachablethis establishment gives pride of place to neapolitan tradition offering us pizzas with puffed edges and tasty ingredients, as well as a fine selection of desserts. The icing on the cake, the brand often offers Margherita at 5€ at lunch time.

Popine – 32, rue Saint-Sauveur, 75002

The Avocado Show

the avocado show

The lawyer now has a new address 100% dedicated to him in the capital. The Avocado Show awaits you in his vegetated and colorful cave with a menu, you will understand, 100% dedicated to the lawyer. Visually quite stunning, the dishes that make up the menu of ” Pretty Healthy Food of the restaurant will surprise you with taste and creativity.

The Avocado Show – 6, rue Etienne Marcel, 75002



After Anahi in the Marais and beef bar close to the Champs-Elyseesthe Italian-British entrepreneur Riccardo Giraudi invested the Montmartre street with a brand new concept dedicated to a italian specialty very special: the Pinsa Romana. In a decor Wes Anderson, expect to taste the surprising aerial thickness of this speciality. An address to test very quickly!

Pizz’Aria – 55, rue Montmarte, 75002

Dubillot Brewery

brewery dubillot trail
Instagram @newgardegroup – @guillaumebelveze

Buoyed by the success of the deliciously franchouillarde Bellanger Brewerythe team of New Guard unveiled in the summer of 2021 the Dubillot Brewery, which, like its big sister, brilliantly combines tradition and responsible pleasures in its bright and colorful setting. On the plate side, we enjoy both its exceptional cuts of meat and its nuggets unearthed directly from the producer, from one end of the French regions to the other.

Dubillot Brewery – 222, rue Saint-Denis, 75002

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