The Belgian fridge: these weight trends that tell the story of our diet

How is our plate changing? What are the major food trends and flagship products of the moment? “Le Soir” looks at the fridge of Belgians: content, cost, impact on health… The 2022 plate is that of all paradoxes.

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VSow do we eat in Belgium in 2022? After question! The last food consumption survey conducted by the Scientific Institute of Public Health (ISP, now Sciensano) dates back to 2014-2015… an eternity in view of the speed with which the contents of our fridge have evolved. Sciensano is currently updating its study, a work which should only bear its first fruits at the end of next year at best. And by then? We will not remain hungry. Experts in nutrition, food distribution and production, consumer psychology and sustainable consumption have taken up the challenge of painting a portrait of Belgian eaters through the major current trends on their plate, with the valuable support from market figures delivered exclusively to the Evening by the GFK design office.

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