The Bastille and Euclid law firms are getting closer

It was two years ago that the Bastille and Euclid law firms wanted to get closer, even if the operation will not be finalized until 2023. From 2020, therefore, the Euclid teams, initially based in Seyssinet -Pariset, have moved to the hyper-center of Grenoble, within the Bastille cabinet, enlarged for the occasion. “Our interest in Euclid was motivated, on the one hand, by the quality of the firm’s professionals, its reputation, and above all the values ​​of quality, proximity and responsiveness which correspond to ours” explains M.e Laurence Gumuschian, partner at Bastille, specializing in business law.

Me François Hilaire, a partner at Euclid, testifies in particular to the opportunity offered to his teams. “Not only was the reception optimal, but arriving in a larger office allows you to open up prospects. We were only seven, including two lawyers. Our employees were able to discuss their practices, the methods were crossed and we took the best of both to improve performance. The lawyers have a very good level and need to gain autonomy”.

And perhaps more, since Bastille Avocats encourages the development of skills of employees who wish to obtain a lawyer’s degree.

A regional scope

The next step, which will formalize the merger, will take place next year. “We had to apply for ourselves the advice we give to our clients: take the time to do it well. We also had to get to know our 500 customers” explains M.e Hilary. “And you had to be able to maintain the same approach with them” confirm Me Gumuschian.

With this operation, Bastille lawyer is made up of around thirty people – half of whom are lawyers – in the Grenoble area. The GIE also has offices in Lyon, in Ain and in the two Savoies, ie around forty additional people.

“The opportunity for the merger with Euclid also comes from our desire to have a regional firm in Grenoble. We have the capacity to have structured offices in this city, to meet the different needs of the major accounts that are present here. We want to be actors involved in the territory, including via other networks, such as the Entrepreneur network, Umih, Label Ville, or FNAIM 38. We devote time to our economic fabric. »

Other operations cannot be excluded. “The Pays Voironnais is very dynamic from an economic point of view. We’ve already thought about it…” concluded Me Gumuschian.

Caroline Thermoz-Liaudy

Increase consulting activity

Euclid is a firm specializing in business law. Its integration into the Bastille firm will enable it to strengthen its business law department (which today accounts for 50% of its activity). From next year, this department will therefore be the majority in the activities of Bastille Avocats, with around fifty transactions per year.

“Our main sectors of intervention in terms of companies, relate a lot to assignments and transmissions. Me Thomas Bonzy and I co-head the business law department, but we also have teams dedicated to the judiciary. Real estate law is headed by Mr.e David Roget. Me Pascal Eydoux and M.e Pascale Modelski are more specialized in banking and insurance. Me Annette Paul and M.e Ivan Callari is responsible for the social law department. »

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