the bar with the giant slide that awakens our childish souls

Opened last May on the side of the rue du 22 Novembre, the Street Butcher has given way to La Cuvette de Bouillons, a bar-restaurant full of originality that smells good of the 80s and 90s, the game of pinball and good food granny dishes. With its two bars on two floors, its central slide and its style that crosses the ages, we are definitely at the home of a granny who knows how to entertain. We wanted to take a look at the decoration, the menu and the organized bric-a-brac of La Cuvette and we give you some insights.

La Cuvette de Bouillons (you get the pun) is one of this year’s lovely novelties. Located in a pedestrianized and recently transformed rue du 22 Novembre, it’s the meeting place for those who want to have a bite to eat or have a drink without spending too much, in an atmosphere that smells of conviviality and a return to childhood.

A real concept, a heterogeneous decor that is unlike any other and lovely surprises on all floors, the place has a real identity. Plus it’s huge. it therefore seems perfect for bringing together all generations of Strasbourg residents.

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