the anesthesiologist from Besançon requests his dismissal for three of the 24 poisonings

Frédéric Péchier was not present, Wednesday February 9 in the morning, at the chamber of the instruction of the Court of Appeal of Besançon (Doubs), when his lawyers asked for his dismissed for three cases dating from 2009 and having taken place at the Polyclinic of Franche-Comté. The court is due to render its decision on March 30. The anesthesiologist is accused of 24 poisonings including 9 fatalities

After its suicide attempt, September 30, 2021
Doctor Péchier was not “in no condition to move” from Vienne, where he is placed under judicial control. “He is still in rehabilitation, but mentally he is combative again”says one of these lawyers, Maître Randall Schwerdorffer.

There is no element pointing in the direction of poisoning in these three cases” – Master Randall Schwerdorffer

Based on the last scientific counter-expertise added to the fileMe Schwerdorffer asserts: “there is no evidence of poisoning in these three cases”which is why he asks the investigating chamber to find “this absence of serious or concordant evidence and placing Doctor Péchier as an assisted witness”.

A defense strategy denounced by a lawyer for a civil party

Conversely, Maître Sylvia Serri, lawyer for one of the civil parties, a woman victim of a cardiac SAE (serious adverse event) at the beginning of April 2009, consider this to be a defense strategy : “the idea is to say that there has been no case at the Polyclinic and therefore we no longer find the common denominator of Frédéric Péchier”.

Whereas, according to her: “in the space of two months there are three SAEs at the Polyclinic of Franche-Comté, cases that there has never been before, that there has never been after and in the third case they found traces of adrenaline and potassium”. Facts deemed incorrect by Mr. Randall Schwerdorffer : “the lawyers of the civil parties say the opposite of the expertise”.

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