the American president in Puerto Rico to reassure the populations

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Joe Biden was this Monday, October 3 in Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States in the Caribbean, devastated at the end of September by Hurricane Fiona. The American president came to provide long-awaited support.

With our correspondent in Washington, Guillaume Naudin

The last time a US president came to the island after a hurricane was in 2017, and his name was Donald Trump. After throwing rolls of paper towels, he had returned and his administration had frozen part of the aid provided. Joe Biden wants to fix that.

You deserve all the help your country can give you. This is what I am determined to do and this is what I promise you. After Maria, Congress approved billions of dollars for Puerto Rico, much of which did not make it this far at first. We’ll make sure you get every dollar.

But Joe Biden doesn’t just want to fix the past. It is also worth preparing for a future that does not look easy. ” We know that the climate crisis and other extreme weather events will continue to hit this island and hit the United States in general, he said. And in rebuilding, we must be sure that we are rebuilding to last. »

And to insist on the reconstruction of the electricity network and on anti-flooding devices. In this regard, he promises $60 million in additional aid. But does not hesitate to point out that its infrastructure plan already provides hundreds of millions of investments for the island.

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