The 1st Bar at Cordon Bleu opens in Paris!

Amonē is everything Cordon Bleu’s first in-house food concept from Paris. Discover with us the 1st Bar at Cordon Bleu which has just opened near Montmartre…

The 1st Cordon Bleu Bar in Paris

Couscous bar custom made, Pancake bar indecent gluttony, Brioche bar… In Paris, concept food is on the rise. But how about a Bar at Cordon Bleu Who would remind you of your earliest childhood? Yes, the Cordon Bleu is one of the favorite specialties of our dear little darlings. With its escalope rolled around ham and cheese and its crispy breadcrumbs, the Cordon Bleu could not be more comforting. And if it’s homemade, it’s even better…

Amonē, the Cordon Bleu from Mamie in the heart of Montmartre

1st cordon bleu bar in Paris

At the house of Amone, the opportunity is given to you to feel the universe of your childhood and rediscover the so good “beloved Cordon Bleu”. Here, exit the industrial Cordon Bleu. Greedy and generous, in the shape of ballotines, these homemade Cordons Bleus are all made from fresh, quality products. The opportunity to rediscover the true taste of this specialty, as our grandmother used to do.1st cordon bleu bar in Paris

This beautiful story is that of William and Peter, two friends passionate about cooking. In a desire to rediscover the sweet scents of their childhood memories, they created Amonē, nestled right in Montmartre. On the menu ? Innovative and seasonal recipes that reinterpret this classic of French gastronomy. The “Gérard”, the “Babette”, the “Brigitte” or the Cordon Bleu “Saison” with Saint-Nectaire cream and bacon bits… Get ready for a good dose of comfort by tasting the cordon bleu like at grandma’s, in retro decor…

Amonē, 13 rue Chappe, 75018 Paris – Delivery available on Deliveroo

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