the 10 fruits and vegetables richest in vitamin C

Our body needs a regular supply of vitamin C. It does not have the capacity to synthesize it, nor to store it. Those are fruits and vegetables will provide him with his daily intake. According to the “Health Passport” website, the average needs of an adult amount to 110mg per day. They are higher for smokers, or during pregnancy.

What does this vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, bring us? It has several benefits. The best known is his power antioxidant. Combined with other molecules such as vitamin E, selenium or zinc, vitamin C helps neutralize excess free radicals in the body. That protects the body from oxidative stress and premature cell aging. The antioxidant effect reduces the risk of cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disease.

Vitamin C is also involved in the regulation of brain activity and protection. This is confirmed again recently by a study published in the journal “Nutritional Neuroscience” in September 2021. The latter also highlights the positive role of vitamin C in the stem cell reproduction. According to “Health Passport”, it also helps in the production of white blood cells, thus strengthening the body’s defenses.

Orange is not the richest in vitamin C

If vitamin C and orange are often associated, the latter does not rise to the top of the ranking of the best-endowed fruits and vegetables in this area. Guava or bell pepper contain a higher dose for a standard serving. This is what we see in the ranking of the ten foods richest in vitamin C:

1. Guava
2. Red pepper, raw or cooked
3. Green pepper, raw or cooked
4. Papaya
5. Kiwifruit
7. Orange juice
8. Mango
9. Broccoli, raw or cooked
10. Cooked Brussels sprouts

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