that seafood you might have in your fridge isn’t business as usual!

The fish is still talking about him! This time, surimi sticks are being recalled. This product distributed in all Intermarché stores in France may have an organoleptic defect and therefore modify the taste. Find out everything you need to know.

A product recall added to the list! After the dry sausagesthe jam and the mini browniesit is the turn of the sticks of surimi to be concerned.

the surimi accompanies many of our salads, we also like it to eat on the go. However, bad news for large consumers, you are surely not going to find it as usually. In fact, this product distributed in all the France presents a organoleptic defectthat is to say that its taste is amended. We tell you everything!

Which product is affected?

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the reminder concerns the sticks of surimi of the brand Odyssey sold in all Intermarché of France. This product has been marketed since 04/07/2022 until 02/09/2022. the reason for recall : may present a organoleptic defect probably due to microbial development and therefore edit the taste of your fish.

The affected product is as follows:

  • GTIN 3250390859963, lot 00122366, best before date 09/22/2022
  • GTIN 3250391134342, lot 00122368, best before date 09/22/2022

What if you have it at home?

If you have sticks of surimi at home, the site Drink reminder (the government site that lists all finished product recalls for consumers) advises you not to not consume itnot not use it and of it report to point of sale.

Want to know more about the health risks of food recalls, refer to our guide to food recalls.

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