Ten months in prison for the man who filmed himself cutting up a cat

The Sarreguemines Criminal Court (Moselle) sentenced a 20-year-old man to ten months in prison on Friday, November 4, including six months suspended, for killing a cat and then cutting it up while filming himself, before broadcasting the videos on Snapchat.

The court combined the sentence with an enhanced probationary sentence of two years, a lifetime ban on keeping an animal, and obligations to take care of themselves and work. At the immediate appearance hearing, the prosecution had requested a prison sentence of three years, including one year with a reinforced probationary sentence.

On Wednesday, the young man had posted several videos on the social network Snapchat, showing him in the process of butchering a cat. In several messages, he explained that he had killed the cat by shooting it in the head with a lead bullet.

“You don’t kill an animal because it has defecated next to its litter box”

“All the civil parties were quite disappointed by the sentence pronounced, quite light, given the seriousness of the facts”reacted Me Laure Vayssade, lawyer for the Stéphane Lamart association for “defense of animal rights”. “You don’t kill an animal because it has defecated next to its litter, especially when it’s an animal that you’ve had for two days and needs time to adapt”she added.

“We are worried, we are wondering about the potential danger posed by this person, for animals but not only”, reacted Christophe Marie, spokesperson for the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. The SPA, the foundations 30 million friends and Assistance to animals had also brought civil action.

Between 2016 and 2021, the number of attacks on domestic animals increased by 30%, with 12,000 facts observed (ill-treatment, serious abuse and acts of cruelty in particular), announced at the end of October the Ministry of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin . The latter took the opportunity to announce the creation of a division of investigators, made up of 15 specialized police officers and gendarmes, responsible “specifically animal abuse”.

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