Telecommuting for hours at the cafe? Some establishments take action against these customers

They are increasingly taking advantage of the advantages of a heated café or restaurant to work from home. Staying for hours while consuming little is disturbing for some owners of these establishments, who are beginning to take measures.

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VSt is a new trend: more and more people are settling in heated cafés, where it is possible to have one or another drink, use the toilets and stay for hours taking advantage of the wifi to telecommute. A practice that is unprofitable and therefore not appreciated by the owners of certain establishments.

Eric Robbaert, owner of a café located in Saint-Gilles, interviewed by RTBF, decided to take several measures. “We are invaded by PCs. Customers who come to study, work and drink one or two coffees for five euros maximum, to stay five to six hours. »

One of her clients testifies: “We have just moved into a flat and we don’t have wifi. So, we come to enjoy the connection here. I think we’ll stay three hours. »

These customers, by keeping their place to work, prevent others from coming to eat a meal at noon or later in the day. To remedy this, the boss leaves rather loud music continuously. It also has the ability to block the wifi of some random computers in the cafe. He is also thinking of reducing the heating this winter and cutting off access to power outlets.


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