Tehran ready to exchange prisoners with the United States

“The United States must release imprisoned Iranian citizens without any conditions”

Iran is ready to swap prisoners with the United States, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said Wednesday, calling on President Joe Biden’s administration to “act instead of show off.”

“We are ready to exchange prisoners with Washington… The United States must release the imprisoned Iranian citizens without any conditions,” the semi-official news agency said. Fars quoting Nasser Kanani.

This statement comes the day after the Iranian response to the final proposal on the relaunch of the 2015 nuclear agreement submitted to the European Union, currently “examined” by the signatory countries of the treaty and the United States.

At the end of June, an American citizen imprisoned for almost seven years in Iran asked Joe Biden to reach an agreement on a prisoner exchange with Tehran.

In a column published in the New York TimesSiamak Namazi “begged” the US President “to put the lives of innocent Americans above American policy and make the tough decisions necessary to get us all released immediately.”

The 50-year-old Iranian-American businessman was arrested in October 2015. His father Mohammad Baquer Namazi was arrested four months later when he traveled to Iran to try to secure his release. Both were sentenced to ten years in prison in October 2016 for espionage. The 85-year-old father was released in 2020 but cannot leave Iran.

The other two US citizens imprisoned in Iran are Emad Sharqi, an investor sentenced to ten years in prison for espionage, and Morad Tahbaz, who also has British citizenship.

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