Taxes claim more than 60,000 euros from them: Toulouse victims of a fake tax lawyer testify

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Loic. R. is a real crook. This 45-year-old man manipulated more than 250 people by posing as a tax lawyer. His victims must now repay money to the state, with an increase. Julien and Céline, a couple from Toulouse, testify.

“We thought that our tax specialist was an expert until the day when the taxes asked us to reimburse 60,000 euros”, confides Julien (1), quite angry. This aeronautical engineer and his partner are among the 260 recorded victims of Loic. R.

As revealed by the Dépêche du Midi in April, this 44-year-old man, a doctoral student at the faculty of Pau, would have convinced hundreds of customers to use his services. “At the time, as we had apartments, we were looking for the best formula to avoid paying too much tax. We found out about him by word of mouth. Loïc R. presented himself as a tax lawyer who had worked for the Ministry of the Economy. He would have started his own business to allow people like us to optimize their declarations”, recalls Céline, Julien’s wife.

€200 per service and 10% bonus

In 2018, Loic. R, goes for the first time to the home of this couple installed in the Toulouse suburbs. “He absolutely wanted to know if we had a garage in which he could park his Renault Alpine. We received him in our living room without imagining for a second that he was an impostor. He made the tax declaration in front of us. did not suspect anything, he seemed so sure of himself”, assures the aeronautical engineer.

Like any respectable entrepreneur, Loic. R. owned a company with which he invoiced his services. “We paid him €200 a year, plus 10% of the amounts he saved us. In total, we paid him €1,200”.

Thanks to his know-how, Julien and Céline were exempt from tax in 2019 and 2020. “We took him for a financial genius. He was a very efficient person, attentive. He had the answers for each of our questions …”, continue the two Toulousains.

A return to reality…

In 2021, the two lovers come back down to earth. They receive a missive from the tax authorities. Their last two statements were totally false. All reported amounts were understated. “We had more than €40,000 to reimburse, not including the 40% increase. In total, they are asking us for €65,000. I agree to pay the €40,000 but the penalties are unfair. We were duped “, say these forties.

The note is salty. They had planned to travel before getting married but their savings are used to bail out the state coffers. “We had to sell our property to repay our debt. How is it that this crook is still in the wild?”, they wonder, worried.

With this manipulator, difficult to know if we are dealing with Keyser Söze from Toulouse or a real psychiatric patient! One day he proves capable of ripping off more than 250 people, including around twenty policemen, engineers, a psychiatrist and a doctor. The next day, he can’t get three words to line up and fully justifies his status as a person placed under curatorship.

Several million euros in damages for taxes

During the investigation carried out by the Mirail gendarmerie research brigade, nearly 170 victims of his actions filed complaints. The soldiers realized that Loic. R. would have collected nearly €650,000 in 6 years. But the damage to taxes is much greater. According to our information, it is well over one million euros. This scam genius was taken into custody in February. A hearing during which he ended up confessing everything. Investigations are still ongoing to this day.

In the meantime, dozens of plaintiffs have appealed to Me Joris Morer to launch a group procedure.

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