Tarn: the dogs of the hunter accused of abuse are in good health according to the prosecution

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Prosecuted for mistreatment of these dogs, a South Tarn hunter would have meanwhile done what is necessary while awaiting his trial.

On Monday, the hearing before the Castres police court which was to try a hunter accused of mistreating these dogs was postponed for the second time for a legal problem. To the chagrin of the association for the defense of animals Stéphane Lamart which is at the origin of this procedure and which had filed a complaint for deprivation of care. The Parisian lawyer of the association, Maître Patrice Grillon, intends to ask the prosecution to have the dogs confiscated temporarily until the court decision is reached. “Because the important thing is the protection of these dogs”, slips the lawyer who specifies that the kennel of Aussillon is ready to welcome them.

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A request that should not be followed. Indeed, the prosecutor of Castres Chérif Chabbi had an emergency inspection of the dogs locked in a fenced enclosure located in a wood in Aiguefonde. The gendarmes accompanied by the animal protection service of the departmental direction of employment, labor and solidarity and the protection of the populations of the Tarn and a veterinarian therefore went to the site on Wednesday. And they found that the dogs were healthy.

The owner would therefore have done what was necessary since the investigator of the association Stéphane Lamart had noted in December 2020 that these eight hunting dogs lived in an “unsanitary enclosure whose earthen floor was strewn with excrement, in full sun and only a feeder with a bottom of greenish water. There was no food and the smell was foul”. “The dogs suffered from purulent conjunctivitis, ear infections and skin infections” also says the Stéphane Lamart association. The hunter had already been sentenced to a fine of €135, while the prosecution had requested €750 and placement of the animals. But according to the association, the acts of abuse would have continued. Hence this new hearing which should finally be held within a few weeks.

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