Taking your dog to work: a good idea?

When you go to work, you ask yourself: “What’s he going to do while I’m not here?” Will he find the time long? Will he miss me? ». And these questions are legitimate. The dog is a social animal, which is made to live in packs and which does not like loneliness. However, is it a good idea to take your dog to work?

The idea of ​​bringing your doggie to the office is far from unanimous. While some see clear advantages for the employees as well as for the animal, others, on the contrary, have great reservations. On the one hand, there are serious arguments for: dogs would reduce work-related stress and their presence would have a positive impact for employees and employers, according to a study published in 2012 in the American journal International Journal of Workplace Health Management.

A touch of cheerfulness and humor in the professional world

In the United States, 8% of workplaces accept dogs and see the daily benefits. In the premises of the Inverse-Square company in Indianapolis, doggies are welcome because they help balance personal and professional life. Employees and managers say that the dogs present help them cope with long days more easily, and that the animals remind them to take regular breaks.

At Etsy’s headquarters in Johnson City, Tennessee, employees’ dogs are welcomed because they have a positive effect on their mood and bring a touch of cheerfulness and humor to the often too rigid work environment. By promoting communication, they open up all kinds of possibilities for meeting and connecting, and help to strengthen team cohesion.

But above all, the advantage of bringing your dog to work is not to leave it alone. It doesn’t matter if he’s in an office, what matters to him is your presence and that of other humans.

Health constraints

On the other hand, if the vast majority of French companies do not accept dogs, it is not for nothing. You have to convince your boss first, and then there are a lot of health rules to follow when bringing dogs into a workspace. For example, it is necessary to ensure that thorough hygiene is observed in the premises and on the animals, and vaccinations must obviously be up to date. In addition, it must be ensured that no employee is allergic to dogs.

Moreover, before even thinking about bringing your animal to work, you must know if it is capable of doing so. For this, his education must be irreproachable. For everything to go as well as possible, be sure to gradually bring your animal to work, to acclimatize it, especially if there are other dogs on site. Make sure he feels comfortable and is able to hold himself together before you spend an entire day at your workplace. Also, make sure your pet doesn’t disturb or frighten your co-workers.

Finally, don’t forget that what matters above all is that you and your doggie are happy. If the experience doesn’t seem to bring joy to your pet, or if it doesn’t suit you personally, maybe it’s best to end it.

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