Cat found in suitcase during airport check

Cats are big fans of unusual places, like… suitcases. Adobe Stock The scene took place at JFK airport in New York. Life often holds surprises. And some are worth seeing. This Tuesday, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the American agency which manages security in transport, made a discovery that was at the very least unique, … Read more

Can a dog sleep outside in winter?

By Le Figaro Posted on 12/11/2022 at 06:00, Update yesterday at 11:02 The thick fur of the Malamute allows him to sleep in a suitable niche, outside. Do dogs resist the cold? Can they sleep outside the house? Are certain breeds more suitable? Our answers. Different cold tolerance. Some breeds of dogs resist winter … Read more

Hundreds of km to find their master: do cats have superpowers?

For the scientist, even if these behaviors are not unique, they remain exceptional. “Most of the time when cats get lost, they will stay within a three-block radius”, she says. Joana Lagarrigue refers in particular to a study by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), which wanted to better understand what happens when felines … Read more

This Dog Spent Almost Two Years Of His Life Cruising

Little Joska was rewarded by Holland America, after spending 700 days on one of its ships. Some animals were able to shine with their courage. Others by unfailing loyalty. But there are some for whom recognition comes through travel. This is the case of Joska, a 10-year-old black Labrador, who recently received the Platinum medal, … Read more

Cats are interested in what their owner tells them

When they hear the voice of their owner, cats are more demonstrative than with another human. Credit: Maliflower73 – DECRYPTION – Although they seem to have nothing to do with it, they are sensitive to the human voice and understand that it is they who we are talking to. Slumped on the sofa, totally … Read more

INVESTIGATION – “I completely cracked”: the dangerous fashion of the illegal detention of servals

Owning a serval in France is possible after a long administrative process: you need trainer training and a suitable enclosure to obtain a certificate of competency. This document, Virginie does not have it. And yet, she does welcome a serval into her home. For fear that it will be seized, she wishes to remain anonymous … Read more