the United States considers it ‘ridiculous’ to insinuate that it could be responsible

Russian diplomacy had demanded that Joe Biden say whether the United States was behind the leaks detected on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea. “It’s ridiculouson the part of Russia to insinuate that the United States could be responsible for the leaks on the Nord Stream gas pipelines, commented … Read more

Our surprising Creole literature!

Our two shock cops are back. Always as insightful, always as devious when it comes to chasing apprentice killers of all stripes. We cannot reproach our Reunionese literature for being monotonous. Books on history, geography, tourism, cooking recipes (sometimes more or less authentic); poetry, novels, theatre, biographies, essays, politics, sociology, you can find everything and, … Read more

Chinese engineer sentenced in the United States for collaborating with Chinese intelligence

A Chinese man who came to the United States to study electrical engineering has been found guilty of providing information to the Chinese secret service on people of interest to potentially recruit, the United States Department of Justice announced on Tuesday (September 27th). Ji Chaoqun, 31, was convicted on Monday after a two-week trial in … Read more

Biden to urge Americans to eat better

Joe Biden wants Americans to change their eating habits and is expected to decree at a food summit on Wednesday that it’s time for the United States to end food insecurity while tackling the problem of obesity in the country. The Democratic president will speak at the conference dubbed “Hunger, nutrition and healthorganized at the … Read more

Pressure mounts on US Congress to avoid ‘shutdown’ before election

An energy bill, which Democrats have pledged to include in the resolution, is causing bipartisan frenzies and hampering discussions. US elected officials were negotiating behind the scenes on Monday, September 26 to reach a temporary agreement that would avoid paralysis of the federal state – the famous “shutdown– before the midterm elections in November. Federal … Read more

US calls for China debate at UN

After the disclosure last August of a United Nations report on “possible crimes against humanity” in China in Xinjiang province against the Uyghur minority, the United States wants to pass a resolution condemning China. The United States on Monday (September 26) called for a debate at the UN Human Rights Council on the human rights … Read more

“The United States, power and fractures”

By Nicolas Baverez Posted yesterday at 6:50 p.m., Update yesterday at 6:51 p.m. Nicholas Baverez. François BOUCHON/Le Figaro CHRONICLE – The restoration of the power of the United States comes up against the acceleration of its internal crisis. The United States is approaching the midterm elections of the presidency of Joe Biden in a very … Read more

his donors pay more than a million dollars to pay his lawyers

Buried under the lawsuits, Donald Trump received significant financial aid from his supporters to face American justice. New lawsuits, this time for tax evasion, have just been announced by the New York State Attorney General. Lawsuits against Donald Trump continue to multiply in the United States. After the search carried out by the FBI in … Read more

imprisoned Iranian lawyer singled out by European bars

Amirsalar Davoudi, an imprisoned Iranian lawyer, is the winner this year of the Ludovic-Trarieux International Human Rights Prize, awarded this Friday, September 23 in Bordeaux, we learned from the organization. The Warsaw Bar is named for its part “bar of the year» by this jury made up of representatives of around ten European bar associations … Read more

“In the United States, there is a danger of civil violence on both sides”

MAJOR MAINTENANCE – The chairman of the American Jewish Committee analyzes the dangers of an America divided into “grid-fenced” communities. He also returns to the existential challenge represented by the conjunction of Putin’s war in Ukraine, the rise of China and the deep democratic crisis in the West. As he leaves his post as president … Read more