Rates continue to climb in the United States, the Fed keeps inflation in sight

The US central bank raised rates on Wednesday to their highest level in nearly 15 years, and plans to continue raising them, seeking at all costs to curb high inflation, a task complicated however by the threat of a recession. The Fed, as expected, raised its key rate by 0.75 percentage point, now between 3.75 … Read more

“Perfect for the United States, the strong dollar overwhelms its allies in the “free world””

“We remember that in February 1985 the dollar peaked at 10.61 French francs. As if the euro had fallen to $0.619 today! Credit: Lazy_Bear – stock.adobe.com CHRONICLE – International economic cooperation has never been so failing. One of the obvious consequences of the war in Ukraine is to have already strengthened the military alliance of … Read more

China holds less and less US debt and that’s why it won’t change much for the United States

Has the danger posed by the holding of public debt securities by China been exaggerated? ©STR / AFP Economic outlook China has reduced its holdings of US Treasuries, according to Treasury Department data. What could be the economic consequences for the United States? Atlantico: The detention of the US public debt by China decreases and … Read more

the Fed raises its key rate again sharply by 0.75 points

This is the third consecutive rise of this level. The Fed persists and signs. As its leaders suggested, the Federal Reserve raised its main rate by 75 basis points on Wednesday evening. The US central bank is thus raising the Fed Funds rate to between 3% and 3.25%. This is the third consecutive increase of … Read more

the Fed must act firmly against inflation, says Jerome Powell

“We must act firmly as we have done, and we must persevere until the job is done,” said the president of the American central bank. The Fed must act firmly against inflation, in order to avoid the painful consequences for households of prices which would continue to escalate, as in the late 1970s and the … Read more

the fight against inflation will last “as long as necessary”, says the vice president of the Fed

The American central bank (Federal Reserve, Fed), in the maneuver to try to slow down inflation in the United States, will continue to tighten its monetary policy as long as necessary, reaffirmed on Wednesday the vice-president of the institution, Lael Brainard. The Fed will stay in this process”as long as needed to bring inflation downshe … Read more