the permanent fight of Serge Beynet’s law firm

The law firm founded by Maître Serge Beynet accompanies victims throughout complex procedures aimed at full compensation for the damage suffered. As soon as there is human suffering, present and future, the issues take on another dimension. Experience and mastery of a complex subject Specializing in victims’ rights for more than 30 years, Cabinet Beynet … Read more

US and Emirates reach $100 billion deal

Published on : 02/11/2022 – 04:56 COP27, the UN climate conference, opens in less than a week, on November 6 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. A few days before this annual meeting, the United States and the United Arab Emirates have concluded a $100 billion agreement to promote energy transition. The United States and the United … Read more

Portraits of the America that votes: retirees in the face of unabated inflation

Published on : 02/11/2022 – 00:31 On D-6 of the midterm elections in the United States, the economic news is not good for Joe Biden and the Democratic candidates: the country is experiencing the worst inflation in more than 40 years, which has become the main concern of American voters. Reporting from Cleveland, Ohio. From … Read more

“The coal industry is coming to an end”: Wyoming faces dependence on fossil fuels

In the bowels of the prairie, the excavators devour the flat surface and, on the ramp, the trucks bring up the ore: 3.8 million tonnes of coal are extracted each year from the giant pit opened in 1977 on the deposit which is used to supply a power station. The Wyodak Resources site, operated by … Read more

Why Taiwan is at the heart of tensions between China and the United States

Taiwan has become the epicenter of the crisis between China and the United States. Why is this volcanic island of 35,000 km², this small territory of 23 million inhabitants of so much interest to Beijing? China wants to integrate it into the people’s republic to make it one of his provinces. Today, Taiwan is a … Read more

In Paris, restaurateurs regret the absence of semi-open heated terraces

With a decree dating from the end of July, the town hall of Paris removed a national exception which concerned this type of terraces. A decision that is difficult to pass on the side of some professionals. As winter approaches, Parisian restaurateurs regret the absence of their heated terraces, which allowed them to welcome more … Read more

can we speak of a “silent war” between the two countries?

Not so long ago the two countries were linked by what is known as the “transpacific washing machine”. China exported goods to the United States, the country sent money back, and that money was then invested by China in US Treasuries to finance the government deficit. The two countries are now moving apart for political … Read more

these amendments retained in the budget submitted to 49.3

In total, Bercy estimates the increase in these expenses at 700 million euros. Childcare, restaurant vouchers, tax cuts for SMEs: the government has kept around a hundred parliamentary amendments in the version of the budget submitted to 49.3, by excluding the taxation of “super dividends” or the tax credit for nursing homes. Bercy assesses the … Read more

Waltz of rate hikes: is the United States, through the Fed, pushing the euro zone towards recession? Or worse… – Decryption – News

Source [Atlantico] : By pursuing its strategy of fighting inflation, the Fed seems to care little about its partners and allies as well as emerging countries. ” No, of course ! “, will say the Fed, the American Central Bank. But we can still ask the question as, following its mandate to fight against inflation, … Read more

how the story of this disunited couple sheds light on the current situation

It all started at the end of the 1960s. The United States was embroiled in the Vietnam War. We remember that the country is cut in two. The communists are in the north, they are winning. The United States confronts the USSR through Vietnam. They support the south and the USSR the north. The tension … Read more