Xu Zhiyong and Ding Jiaxi, lawyers of the “new citizens movement”, tried in China

Published on : 06/22/2022 – 12:59 Xu Zhiyong and Ding Jiaxi are to be tried behind closed doors on Wednesday June 22 and Friday June 24 in eastern China. As often in this kind of political trial, the two human rights activists are accused of “subversion of state power”. From our correspondent in Beijing, Stephane … Read more

US worried about rapid development of China’s nuclear arsenal

“They are developing their capabilities on the ground faster than we are,” insisted Admiral Charles Richard, head of US Strategic Command, in charge of US nuclear armaments. The increase in China’s military capabilities, especially nuclear ones, worries Admiral Charles Richard, head of the US Strategic Command, in charge of US nuclear weapons. “If I assess … Read more

TuSimple fires its boss for its links with a Chinese company

TuSimple, an American self-driving truck start-up, announced on Monday that it had fired its co-founder and CEO after an internal investigation showed that he may have shared confidential information with a company working mainly in China on related technologies, Hydron. . Xiaodi Hou’s dismissal comes a day after the Wall Street Journal published information about … Read more

Why Taiwan is at the heart of tensions between China and the United States

Taiwan has become the epicenter of the crisis between China and the United States. Why is this volcanic island of 35,000 km², this small territory of 23 million inhabitants of so much interest to Beijing? China wants to integrate it into the people’s republic to make it one of his provinces. Today, Taiwan is a … Read more

Blinken says Beijing rejects status quo in Taiwan

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Wednesday (October 26th) that China rejects the long-standing status quo on Taiwan, reiterating Washington’s analysis that Beijing intends to accelerate the timetable for its reunification with the country. ‘island. The remarks of the head of the american diplomacy come after Xi Jinping obtained a third term at the … Read more

can we speak of a “silent war” between the two countries?

Not so long ago the two countries were linked by what is known as the “transpacific washing machine”. China exported goods to the United States, the country sent money back, and that money was then invested by China in US Treasuries to finance the government deficit. The two countries are now moving apart for political … Read more

Xi Jinping and the United States, the headlong rush?

Published on : 10/15/2022 – 18:39 President Xi Jinping, surrounded by Chinese leaders, attends a wreath laying ceremony in Tiananmen Square to mark Martyrs’ Day, on the eve of National Day in Beijing, China, September 30, 2022. REUTERS – THOMAS PETER Since 2001 and China’s accession to the WTO, hopes for political liberalization have been … Read more

how the story of this disunited couple sheds light on the current situation

It all started at the end of the 1960s. The United States was embroiled in the Vietnam War. We remember that the country is cut in two. The communists are in the north, they are winning. The United States confronts the USSR through Vietnam. They support the south and the USSR the north. The tension … Read more

Why did the United States and China enter a new cold war?

We are witnessing a new cold war with China, and yet it is with Russia that the West is in military conflict through the war in Ukraine. But don’t be fooled. The real cause of the War in Ukraine is not so much the character of Vladimir Putin, but the perception by Russians that the … Read more

China remains a critical supplier for the United States and Europe

In the IT, telecoms, electronics, household equipment, metallurgy, automotive and transport sectors, China alone provides between 6% and 27% of the supply global. CHINA STRINGER NETWORK/REUTERS CONNECT DECRYPTION – A break in trade with Beijing would be more damaging for the American and European economies than for the Chinese giant. The successive crises, between the … Read more