Cat found in suitcase during airport check

Cats are big fans of unusual places, like… suitcases. Adobe Stock The scene took place at JFK airport in New York. Life often holds surprises. And some are worth seeing. This Tuesday, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the American agency which manages security in transport, made a discovery that was at the very least unique, … Read more

This Dog Spent Almost Two Years Of His Life Cruising

Little Joska was rewarded by Holland America, after spending 700 days on one of its ships. Some animals were able to shine with their courage. Others by unfailing loyalty. But there are some for whom recognition comes through travel. This is the case of Joska, a 10-year-old black Labrador, who recently received the Platinum medal, … Read more

Larry, the cat from 10 Downing Street, steals the show with this video

Larry is a real star across the Channel. He is regularly photographed in front of 10 Downing Street, like here, in August 2022. HOLLIE ADAMS / AFP His filmed altercation with an annoying fox has made the rounds on social networks, while the United Kingdom is in the midst of a political crisis. He’s one … Read more

Crisis obliges, 62% of French people ready to go less to restaurants or hotels

PREVIEW – According to a study carried out by the firm CHD Expert for the EquipHotel trade show and revealed by Le Figaro, six out of ten French people prefer to reduce the frequency rather than cancel their stay at the hotel or their meal at the restaurant. Experience and pleasure above all! In 2020, … Read more

In Singapore, a restaurant charges a tax on parents whose children are too rambunctious

The establishment explains that it wants to prevent any inconvenience caused by young customers, after having received numerous complaints on this subject. Who has never experienced this situation: you are finally seated in this restaurant that has been eyeing you for several weeks, your dish is ordered and you are only waiting for one thing, … Read more

The Mississippi is dry, a cruise forced to interrupt its course

In a press release, the company announced that it could not continue one of its trips due to the abnormally low levels of the river. These scenes multiplied during the summer. In France, the almost empty Loire revealed the scars of an unprecedented drought. In China, the Yangtze River, one of the main reservoirs of … Read more

the new favorite addresses of Le Figaro

In Los Angeles, the effervescence is permanent. From buzzing restaurants to the openings of trendy new hotels and social clubs, there’s always something going on in the City of Angels. Proof by six. Heimat, gym and social club In Hollywood, the German fitness group RGS, head of the John Reed clubs and new owner of … Read more