Swiss peasants cook the world’s largest rösti dish

published on Monday, September 19, 2022 at 5:23 p.m.

A giant dish of röstis – a Swiss culinary specialty made from potatoes – was prepared on Monday in a 13.7 m2 pan, a world record, the Swiss Farmers’ Union (USP) announced on Monday, which was celebrating its 125th anniversary.

On the federal square, in front of the parliament in Bern, the farmers’ defense organization had a giant frying pan made in the shape of a Swiss cross, placed on a fireproof red background to reproduce the flag of the Swiss confederation.

Markus Ritter, president of the USP, himself announced the new record which beats the one established in 1994 in Thun, in the center of Switzerland.

The shares of this fried potato pancake, emblematic in the German-speaking part of Switzerland but which has become a national dish, were then distributed to the public.

The rösti has even given its name to the cultural, linguistic and mentality barrier that separates the German-speaking cantons from the cantons where French is spoken: the “Röstigraben”.

To symbolically overcome this obstacle and these differences, the potatoes, cooked on Monday, had been grown during the summer in all regions of Switzerland before being brought to Bern, said the USP.


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