Surprised that a wild boar attacks his dogs, a man files a complaint against the hunting company

In Ain, a couple was walking their dogs on a communal path when a wild boar tumbled in and was aggressive towards one of the two dogs. Luckily, a hunter who was present on the scene was able to kill the boar.

The problem being that despite the fact that the master of the dogs admits that thanks to this hunter the worst did not happen, he still made the decision to accuse the hunters of the presence of this boar on the way communal. According to him, “the trajectory taken by the boar” was therefore determined by the hunters.

He certainly didn’t have the presence of mind to tell himself that if the hunters knew exactly where a wild boar was heading, we would return empty-handed less often!

The companion of the man explains in the newspaper “the voice of Ain” that the boar would have been tracked from Rignat, a small village a few kilometers away. According to her, this “implies that he had, before being in front of my dogs, to cross the road, as well as the dogs, endangering motorists. The hunters, satisfied to have killed a wild boar weighing more than 100 kg, retain only one thing, it is that the hunter saved the life of my spouse”.

Obviously not sufficiently satisfied since on October 25, the master of the dogs decided not to file a complaint against the hunters but against the hunting company in question, still convinced that this boar was guided by the hunters to this communal path. which he borrowed. The reason for his complaint: endangering the lives of others. As compensation, the couple asks the hunting society to pay the costs incurred by the care of their little dog who suffered the burden of the boar.

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