Super U: usual products may soon be missing from the shelves, warns the CEO

For Dominique Schelcher, boss of System U, the situation is more than worrying, especially for companies in the agri-food sector.

“Between the health crisis, the energy crisis and the war in Ukraine, the products, which are already missing up to 12% on the shelves, could be even more lacking, he is alarmed in an interview with the Sunday newspaper, Sunday October 23. “We have never known, in any case not for more than fifty years, a crisis comparable to that of today. The French food chain is at a turning point. It is much more serious than during the pandemic, ”he explains. First, the war in Ukraine has complicated the situation. “We went from 2% product shortage to a rate of 10-12%”, underlines the business manager.

And to add very rightly and it is not for lack of saying it and saying it again “with the explosion of energy costs, the risk of bankruptcy weighs on many companies in the food industry”.

So what will we do when we’ve turned off all the freezers in this country because we calculate our selling prices for electricity on the course of Russian bear hair plucked by hand by children from live animals and freely ?

What will happen when all the shelves start emptying?

“According to the Agricultural Cooperation, which represents a third of the brands, many producers will soon be forced to choose ranges, because of excessively high costs: farmers will decide, for example, to abandon poultry in favor of cereals”, he explains. Manufacturers could reduce the number of references in their ranges by giving up the most expensive products, or those that sell the least, he explains. As a result, usually well-stocked shelves should be empty, such as that of cold cuts or cheese, specifies the boss of Super U ”.

You could tell me, ho, it’s nothing, we won’t eat charcuterie anymore!

Except what will you do with the millions of people who work to cut the slices, package the slices, transport the slices, put the slices on the shelf, and collect the price of the slices at the checkout?

Do you believe that supermarkets can have miles of empty shelves and still do well?

A chainsaw massacre of our entire economy is being prepared before our eyes.

We only have a few more weeks to stop this phenomenon before it is too late.

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