Suffering from cancer, Jane Fonda denounces the inequality of access to care in the United States, “aware” of being “privileged”

“My dear friends, I have something personal that I want to share”. It is with her words that the American actress and activist Jane Fonda announced, Friday, September 2, that she was suffering from cancer on the social network Instagram. 84 years old, she however, said she was optimistic about her chances of recovery,

“I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system, “and I started chemotherapy treatments“, she continued on her Instagram account. “It is a completely curable cancer. 80% of people survive, so I feel very lucky“, she immediately relativized.

But Jane Fonda also took advantage of the announcement of her personal state of health to send a very political message. By the way, the American star adstate the inequalities of access to care in the United States. “I’m also lucky to have health insurance and access to the best doctors and treatments. I am aware that I am privileged and it is sad”, continued the star, flagship support of the Democratic Party in the United States. Jane Fonda added that “many” Americans “don’t have access to the quality care that I get and that’s not fair.”

Actress Jane Fonda is also known for her peaceful activism at the time of the Vietnam War and then, until today, in favor of the environment and the fight against climate change. Thus, on her message, she also takes the opportunity to point out the role of fossil fuels and pesticides in cancers.

“We also need to talk a lot more about not just the cures but also the causes so that we can eliminate them. For example, people need to know that fossil fuels cause cancer. The same goes for pesticides, many of which are based on fossil fuels, like mine,” she explained.

“I have six months of chemotherapy, I tolerate the treatments very well and, believe me, I won’t let any of this get in the way of my climate activism“, she promised. “The mid-term elections are approaching (in November), and they will have serious consequences. You can therefore count on me to accompany you in the growth of our army of climate champions”, concludes the actress.

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