Stray Dog Saves Foster Mom’s Life Days After Meeting Her


Ludivine Mazzotti

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The poor pooch had been adopted 4 times, and unfortunately the 4 adoptions had not gone well.

He needs a little training

Arriving in his foster family, the pooch was terrified because he did not know how to behave in a house. He needed help and that we take the time with him, at his own pace.

Brownie therefore had a little training in how to behave in a house. He has made great progress and has started to communicate easily with Molly, his foster mother.

When he wanted to relieve himself, he sat in the doorway and called his foster mother.

He feels that she is not well

Then some time after, Brownie showed her very special bond to her foster mom.

One night, Molly started to feel sick and Brownie knew right away.

Normally the pooch doesn’t like cuddles too much but that night he was determined to help and comfort his adopted mistress.

When Molly started to feel dizzy, the pooch ran over and put both paws against her.

A life-changing decision

The brave dog cuddled his adoptive owner until the dizzy feeling passed and his heart rate returned to normal.

After Molly’s meltdown passed, the pooch went back to bed in her basket.

After the two weeks with Molly’s family, the pooch returned to the shelter as planned, but Molly’s family made a big decision…

The family wants to adopt him for good. Yes, a link like this does not appear twice!

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