Stray dog ​​brings comfort to crying woman in graveyard (video)

The magical powers of our 4-legged friends no longer need to be proven. Their ability to feel our emotions is probably what allowed Maria, a young woman who came to meditate on a grave, to obtain more than welcome comfort at this difficult time.

A scene full of tenderness recently took place at the Chileand it shows us once again that the dog is truly man’s best friend.

The Dodo tells the story of Maria Jose Saez Orte, a young woman who went to a cemetery to pray at the grave of a loved one. His tears of sadness will reach the ears of a stray dog ​​who was there, and his reaction will move more than 10 million Internet users…

A “guardian angel”

The young woman is initially inconsolable, but she does not know that she will be able to benefit from significant support. Indeed, the quadruped headed towards maria to offer him a little comfort, and reach out to him in this painful moment.


hoy fui a despedirme de la persona que más he querido porque yo también decidía irme y llegó este perrito 🙁

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She decided to reveal this moving scene on her page TikTok, and his video has been commented by nearly 10,000 users. They were several to describe the dog as ” guardian angel ” and D'” precious friend and to be moved by the way he puts his paw on her hand. Internet users have also suggested that the young woman adopt it, but unfortunately, she is not able to do so.

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This dog full of love has taken up residence in this cemetery, and he is taken care of by the employees of this one. There is no doubt: he brings a lot of good to the souls in pain he meets. mariain any case, will never forget this extraordinary moment…


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