Stray cats in Angoulême: overwhelmed associations

Patricia Renaudet first appeals to the “collective responsibility”. “Already, you shouldn’t feed a stray cat, if you don’t do anything behind it. When we find one, we have to alert the town hall. » And quick. A couple of cats can have three litters per year, or twelve kittens. In four years, this represents more than 20,000 cats. She hopes to lead by example; she captured and sterilized the cat that gave birth to this litter. “She is going from stray cat status to legal free cat status. »

Stray animals are therefore the responsibility of the municipality. “But we are often called first, sighs Gabrielle Moncond’huy, co-president of the 3 P’tits Chats-rentais association. The associations, we are a bit like the last rampart, the last solution. » Result: they are, today, all saturated. “We have to refer people to other associations, in other departments… But it’s the same everywhere. »

To stop the spread, the actors insist on one point: the importance of sterilization. But also identification which is mandatory. “To sterilize them is also to protect them”, says Patricia Renaudet. Virginie Nidos, from the Chats au tel association, confirms this. “A sterilized cat will keep its territory, without moving away. It will also be less prone to disease. »

“We push the walls”

Each season at the time of births, “It’s worse than the previous year. We push the walls to take another kitten and we are always looking for foster families. » A situation which seems to be deteriorating – and which does not escape the municipality. “In 2022, we carried out six sterilization campaigns, for 52 cats, including 20 kittens. And other campaigns will be organized by the end of the year, according to the calls of the inhabitants “summarizes Sandra Ros, municipal councilor.

Not enough when with the end of the confinements, the hygiene services found themselves faced with numerous animal abandonments and late capture campaigns. “And all of this has a cost: €48,000 in 2021, between joining the mixed pound union, agents, vet fees…” Add €50 per cat dropped off at the pound. “Which means that we mainly deposit kittens for adoption. » Sandra Ros also recalls some important facts: an individual cannot deposit an animal at the pound. And if he finds an injured animal, he must first turn to law enforcement or the fire department.

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