Strasbourg. Fangs in the freedom areas for dogs

There are nine in Strasbourg according to the Strasdog site which lists them: Called “spaces of freedom”, they allow an owner to let go of his dog without a leash. Enough to allow Trésor to stretch his legs and do his little jog without his human at the end of the leash. Be careful not to confuse them with canisites, these small, not very inviting (and smelly!) enclosures that only allow dogs to relieve themselves.

In fact, these spaces of freedom are the only places in Strasbourg where it is allowed to untie the doggie. Because letting your dog roam without a leash elsewhere can expose his master to a fine of 150 € in a park, an amount which can go up to 450 € on the public highway. The City told us that the problem of dogs being walked without a leash is significant in certain parks, in particular at Contades.

Are the spaces of freedom up to the task of welcoming our dear four-legged friends? This is what we went to check with ASAPP (and Fuji).

Associations not satisfied

If verbalizations are rare, an accentuation of the awareness of dog owners was carried out at the start of the school year in this park. A project to create a space of freedom had been mentioned for this place, which does not have one (unlike the Oragenrie or the Citadel). But this is not a priority, according to Marie-Françoise Hamard, animal assistant in the city.

Still, these spaces of freedom are also singled out by associations: “They are poorly maintained, regrets Frédéric Saltzmann, president of the Terre des Chiens association. Municipal services only come once a year to maintain them. On the Malta wharf, for example, we had to put a shovel and a rake to do the necessary ourselves. We ask that green spaces pass more regularly.

Snowy Disneyland

On the side of the historical association Strasdog, Chloé Vincent believes that Strasbourg could make a small effort: “There are not enough of them, there is a lack of them in particular in the city center”! Among the solutions, some masters are eyeing the side of Colmar where a large canine park of 780 square meters, fenced and vegetated, was inaugurated in October. Rue du Pigeon, you can’t make it up. “Without a leash, we are outlaws. Strasbourg is not making any effort at this level. However, dogs represent a significant economic lifeline: veterinarians, medicines, food, stores…”, describes Lionel Beh, surrounded by his border collie and a Labrador.

With other canine owners, they cheat to allow their furry companions to be able to stretch their legs: “We let them go on the campus football field at the Esplanade or on the grass, the dogs have fun and we talk, we have a drink, we are sometimes up to 30 dogs on the loose! We’ve never had a dog bite or report. But the national police have already sent us a reminder of the law. We had been denounced. »

In the meantime, the little gang of four-legged cuties is patient. “I would like a real and large dog park, I am even ready to pay or pay a subscription”, adds Lione, regretting that this equipment does not exist in Strasbourg at the moment. Otherwise, he can always offer his faithful companions a nice trip to the little Venice of Upper Rhine to visit the new Disneyland for doggies which has equipment, a water point and benches. Wow!

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