Starred chef Glenn Viel, jury of Top Chef, arrives in Grignan

It’s a page that turns in the kitchens of Clair de la Plume, a Michelin star, and the bistronomic restaurant La Ferme Chapouton. Chef Julien Allano wants to found his own house, start his own business, and therefore leaves Grignan in mid-November. He does not want to say too much yet about his new project, but he wants to start his own business, found his own house and settle further south, near Avignon.

From December 8, it is with four hands that the menus of the establishments will be made. Chef Glenn Viel will sign the menus for the two restaurants, in collaboration with chef Benjamin Reilhes, from the Lausanne Palace, who will manage the kitchens on site in Grignan. “We wanted to keep the spirit of the houses” emphasizes Jean-Luc Valadeau, owner of Clair de la Plume and Ferme Chapouton, “beautiful, good, benevolent. We looked for someone who did what we had been doing until now: Provençal cuisine, based on locally sourced products. Julien Allano had introduced Glenn Viel to us in 2015 since we had a first four-hander at the time. And we have kept in touch with Glenn, we have a common spirit, the Oustau de Baumanière is not far away. Like the Calir de la Plume, it has the green star of the Guide Michelin. We are very happy to work with him.”

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