Spongebob’s Crispy Crab opens its doors!

With 13 seasons and over 500 episodes, the cartoon Spongebob marked a whole generation. Today, Burger King pays tribute to fans of the series by transforming some of its restaurants… in Crispy Crab ! Obviously this appearance is ephemeral. Head for this unusual initiative!

Make way for nostalgia!

Always optimistic, the little square sponge that lives in a pineapple has appeared on small screens in the 2000s. Since then, many are the followers of the series! SpongeBob works at the Crab Croustillant restaurant as a cook, and with his colleague, Carlo Tentacule, at the cash register. The brand is run by Mr. Krabs, a venal owner.

Photo credit: Burger King

Burger King, by transforming its sign into Crispy Crab, allows all nostalgics to immerse yourself in the universe of their favorite sponge.

Photo credit: Burger King

Completely revamped signs

The major operation was carried out in collaboration with Nickelodeon, television channel on which the cartoon was broadcast. Thus, the decoration has been completely revised ! Patrick the Starfish House Reproduction, Sandy the Squirrel Riding Jellyfish Posters, Character Mascots, Wall “employee of the day” lined with frames where customers can, in turn, take their picture, goodies bearing the likeness of the characters…

Photo credit: Burger King

To top it all, three new products are appearing in limited edition. The menus, imagined for the occasion, include sponge potatoes, a burger with smoked rose sauce, as well as a dessert in homage to Patrick, which is none other than vanilla ice cream with strawberry coulis and chocolate…

Photo credit: Burger King

The fast-food brand has not done things by halves, going so far as to transform its packagingwhere the various characters of the series now appear.

Photo credit: Burger King

At this time, Burger King has only rolled out these restaurants in Brazilwith an operation having started on last october 5. We hope to soon be able, in our turn, to taste an incredible crab cake…

Photo credit: Burger King

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