Soyaux: a jogger injured by a policeman who wanted to shoot dangerous dogs

It is an incredible scene which took place around 10:30 am under the eyes of the traders and customers present on the spot. It all starts when a man parks his gray 106…

It is an incredible scene which took place around 10:30 am under the eyes of the traders and customers present on the spot. It all starts when a man parks his gray 106 at the back of this small car park. He leaves his car window open and goes to a deli stand to buy some paella. But as he places an order, two stray dogs – American Staff – arrive in the parking lot and are attracted by the three dogs present in the 106. The American Staff jump on the car, scratch it. The owner of the 106 then goes to his car to intervene… At the same time, a police vehicle arrives which was looking for these two dogs.

three shots

Why ? Because earlier in the morning, these two American Staff bit an elderly person in Soyaux as well as his dog. The first was taken to the hospital, the animal, to the veterinarian. This Sunday morning, the police were therefore notified and found the trace of these two American Staff near Place Lucien-Petit. There, precisely, they saw the excited dogs jumping on the gray 106. And the owner of this vehicle trying to intervene. Sandy Lecoq Espallargas, sub-prefect present at the scene indicates that the dogs would have turned towards the owner of the dogs present in the car. A witness who saw the scene told us that the owner of the 106 “ wasn’t at his car, he was going to the police car. Was he threatened by the American Staff? The investigation will have to determine it.

The scene was frozen.

Photo Quentin Petit

Still, one of the police officers in the crew took out his service weapon and fired, according to testimony, three times in the direction of the two dogs. About four or even five meters from his seat as the driver of the police car, he did not touch the animals. But one of the bullets went to perforate… a jogger who was finishing his run a few meters behind. This man, a Sojaldicien who lived a few dozen meters away, is 41 years old. The 9mm bullet hit his hand. According to some witnesses, the projectile could have ricocheted before piercing the member of this forties.

In the parking lot, the traders heard the victim scream. “ I thought he added more “, slips the roaster. But he will quickly understand that the man does not simulate. “ He came to see us, I put Sopalin on his wound! “says the trader’s wife. The firefighters and the Smur intervened on the scene to take care of him and take him to the hospital. Jérôme Grimal, deputy mayor of Soyaux was present on site. “The town hall takes this file very seriously.”, he adds.

The dogs were frightened by these shots, says Sandy Lecoq-Espallargas, the sub-prefect in charge of recovery. They may have been locked in a garage awaiting the arrival of the SPA. Incredible scene, the sub-prefect, a trained veterinarian, even bought a chicken from the roaster, in order to appease the two American Staff. These two dogs were then taken to the Mornac SPA refuge and placed under “biting surveillance”. A behavioral evaluation will be carried out for these animals. Following these shots, the scene was goo “ in this parking lot. Forensic science technicians carried out the findings of use. The Angoulême prosecutor’s office has been notified.

“It was Chicago, it’s inadmissible”

Shocked. On the place Lucien-Petit, the witnesses let appear feelings of amazement and incomprehension. “ It’s incredible “Blows a trader, pointing to the wall of a local resident, holed by one of the bullets fired, at eye level. “ And if it was a kid who passed behind, he took a bullet in the head ? », Offends another person present on the market. Several witnesses pointed to the same problem. “ If he wanted to scare the dog, why didn’t he shoot in the air? », creaked a neighbor. “ It was chicago “, does not come back a trader. “ Everyone was outraged, it’s unacceptable. “One of the traders also harshly attacked the police officers, while the victim was being treated near a stall.

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