South of Toulouse: 53 dogs discovered being held in appalling conditions

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A resident of Beaumont-sur-Lèze south of Toulouse was taken into custody on Wednesday. At his home, dozens of dogs were mistreated.

Left to fend for themselves in appalling conditions. No less than fifty-three dogs have just been taken from their owner, a resident of Beaumont-sur-Lèze, a town south of Toulouse. Wednesday, provided with a legal authorization, the veterinary services of the departmental direction of the populations and the gendarmerie went to this man known to hold many canids.
Upon their arrival, they noted “the presence of 53 dogs including seven puppies, detained in unworthy conditions”, specifies, in a press release, the public prosecutor Samuel Vuelta-Simon.

The dogs were in a pen, a prefab or even caravans.

Twenty-one dogs were in a pen, two were chained, six were in a truck, six others in a prefab and six in caravans. The others wandered around the field. The man was arrested and placed in police custody for abandoning an animal in view of the lack of care adapted to their needs such as food.

Placed at the SPA

He had, however, been widely warned. A first check had been carried out at his home at the end of 2021. Already, he was in possession of several dozen dogs detained “in conditions that did not allow them to meet their primary needs”. He had been given formal notice to reduce the number of animals to nine. The gendarmes of the community of brigades of Carbonne had been seized of the file by the prosecution. Heard at the time for this ill-treatment, he had promised to “comply with the regulations”.
On Wednesday, the 53 animals were placed with the SPA. Presented before the public prosecutor on Thursday, their owner was sentenced to 10 months suspended imprisonment and prohibited from keeping an animal for 12 months. In cases of animal abuse, the penalty can be up to 3 years in prison and a fine of €45,000.

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