Smartphones: Apple market leader in the United States for the first time

The apple brand seduces more and more Americans year after year. Result: they now have more iPhones than smartphones equipped with the Android system. According to a study by Counterpoint Research, the share of the iPhone in all smartphones held on the market across the Atlantic exceeded 50% at the end of June 2022. This is a first since the launch. of Apple’s first smartphone in 2007.

These figures are not based on sales of new smartphones, but on all devices in circulation, specifies Le Figaro, Sunday September 4. iPhones (re)sold via the second-hand market and those held for several years are therefore taken into account. “Over the past four years, the stream has gradually transitioned from Android to iOS,” commented Jeff Fieldhack, director of research at Counterpoint Research.


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The iPhone 14 presented this Wednesday

“It’s an important step that could be replicated in other wealthy countries around the world,” he continued. Last July, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, pointed out that the company had attracted “a record number of ‘switchers’ in June with strong double-digit growth. from one year to the next”.

This Wednesday, September 7, Apple will present the latest version of its models, the iPhone 14, at Apple Park in Cupertino. The improvements would mainly concern the camera and the design. The brand should also unveil a new version of its connected watch. Rumor has it that it includes a body temperature sensor. A more robust model, dedicated to extreme sports, could also be presented. In addition, Apple is also extending its range in financial services and health.


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