Should we be wary of anti-cat plants?

What plant repels cats?

Several plants are known to make your cat (or that of your neighbours) want to come and hang out in your garden. Lemon verbena is perhaps the best known of all: the lemon scent emanating from this plant, which comes straight from Chile, acts as a repellent on cats, who will want to go as far as possible to escape to this citrus scent. Similarly, rue officinalis is made up of blue-green leaves whose smell strongly displeases cats. Fraxinella, geranium and hawthorn will also deter cats from coming to romp in your garden, as will thorny plants.

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What smell do cats hate?

As surprising as it may seem, cats tend not to like smells that are pleasant to us at all: citrus scents, and more particularly the smell of lemon, will keep cats away and dissuade them from lingering in a place strongly impregnated with such a smell. The combined lemon vanilla aroma, a priori pleasant to the smell for many people, will act as a very effective repellent against cats who would be tempted to venture a little too intrepidly into your vegetable garden. These strong citrus and vanilla scents are not at all appealing to cats when we generally find them pleasant and uplifting.

How to scare cats away from flowers?

As mentioned above, it is advisable to scare cats away from places you want to preserve by using plants with repellent properties such as lemon verbena, rue officinalis or even fraxinelle (or burning bush). Hawthorn, shrub or geranium will also do, as will thorny plants. Be careful, however, not to harm the physical integrity of the cat by overloading your garden with plants bearing thorns! If the flowers are inside your home, it is recommended to scatter pepper, lemon zest or coffee grounds to dissuade the cat from approaching. Wet soil will also tend to scare away cats, which can’t stand humidity.

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How do I prevent cats from coming into my garden?

As you will have understood, there are many ways to prevent cats from having fun in your garden, a place that looks like an ideal playground for an animal such as a cat. If you’re worried about neighborhood cats damaging your plants, flowers, and maybe even the fruits and vegetables you’ve planted in your garden, adopt a few simple, yet effective practices that will protect your garden while maintaining good health. Of the cat. It is important that you take this into account, and that the preservation of your garden does not involve injuries caused to cats who decide to go and play in your plants.

If you have opted for thorny plants, do not overdo it, and favor the smells and aromas mentioned above which will scare cats away in a natural and above all completely harmless way. In addition, the sweet smell of lemon that emanates from lemon verbena will please you for sure, coupled with that of vanilla if you have planted a little fraxinelle. dictamnus albus!

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