Shortage of gasoline: towards a break in food products in supermarkets?

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The specter of a food shortage is slowly looming as the country sinks deeper into strikes and fuel shortages.

“Shortage” is definitely a word that we will soon have to get used to. While 28.5% of French service stations are out of at least one fuel, the strike is bogged down and TotalEnergies employees are keeping up the pressure, some products could run out of our shelves. In question: the difficulties of fuel supply for road hauliers.

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This Tuesday, October 11, an association bringing together 120 refrigerated transport companies warned against “breaks in food products for the French” if the blockages were to continue. Especially since refrigerated carriers are doubly affected: they not only need diesel to drive but also off-road diesel to operate their refrigerated equipment.

“The cold chain”, an association which brings together 50,000 employees and nearly 100,000 refrigerated trucks, thus alerted in a press release “to the risks of disruption in the supply of fresh and frozen products to customers of transport companies. : industrialists, retail, out-of-home catering”. And to continue: “the blockages of oil refineries in progress on the national territory confront the companies which transport perishable goods (…) with growing difficulties”.

Deliveries “severely and generally compromised” this weekend

Valérie Lasserre, national delegate of The Cold Chain, also explained to BFMTV that 97% of the 120 member companies of her company were having difficulty finding fuel this Thursday, October 13. “Some can no longer ensure certain flows,” she warned.

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Wholesalers also fear being impacted. Their deliveries will be “severely and generally compromised from Friday” if the shortage continues, alerted the Confederation of Wholesalers of France (CGF) on Thursday. “At the beginning of next week, we risk being faced with shortages and vehicle immobilization problems,” warned Christian Rose, director in charge of transport and logistics at the CGF.

Conversely, some want to be more reassuring. Dominique Schelcher, the president of System U, assured the antenna of franceinfo that there was “no sign to date” of a shortage in its signs and that there was “no concern to have”. Indeed, the leader specified that System U imported “foreign fuel to compensate for the quantities which are not available”.

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