Shortage: here is the place where you can still find mustard!

After sunflower oil, massively affected by the shortage, it is mustard that the French are missing. The shelves are cruelly empty and not replenished. But while some other foods will probably be missing in the weeks and months to come, we give you the best addresses here. Those where it is still possible to find mustard. Those who seem to be spared the shortage.

Find mustard in organic stores

You may not be used to going to organic stores, but something tells us that you will soon be going there. Whether Naturalia, Biocoop or La Vie Claire, these different brands still generally offer jars of mustard. As if the shortage did not exist. And even if there is a shortage, another solution is available to consumers: bulk mustard. Questioned by the site, Jérôme, an owner of an organic store in Normandy, explains that the brio mustard seed does not come from Canada. She comes from Eastern Europe and France.

This may therefore explain why the shortage concerns organic stores less. ” Mustard has a dual problem, content and container. Today, suppliers are out of packaging. Bulk avoids this problem“, adds Jerome. However, expect to pay more for organic mustard than you do for regular mustard. It is necessary to count, for example, 2.85 euros per jar of 350 g at Naturalia.

If you want to put the odds on your side, try going to a garden center like TRuffaut or Gamm Vert. These have food shelves. You can find mustard in these rays.

After mustard, the other shortages to be expected

At the top of the list, wheat! And this makes sense since Ukraine, currently at the heart of a major geopolitical crisis with Russia, is considered the breadbasket of Europe. However, because of the Russian military presence in the country, millions of tons of grain are blocked in the ports of Odessa and its region. Export being impossible, many countries find themselves without their usual stock of wheat. Especially since the high temperatures did nothing to help production.

Result: wheat-based products but also buckwheat pancakes will gradually disappear from the shelves. Indeed, imports of buckwheat flour come for a third from kyiv. This shows how dependent countries are on each other.

Chickpeas are also likely to be less present on the shelves in the weeks and months to come. Due to global warming and the geopolitical context in Eastern Europe, the world supply is expected to fall by 20% this year. The city of Nice is very worried about this shortage. And for good reason, the socca, a chickpea flour pancake typical of the city, is threatened.

No foie gras for Christmas?

We are likely to hear the French complaining about the end of the year celebrations. We risk, in fact, running out of foie gras this year. Just a few short months from the end of December, everything indicates that foie gras is going to run out. Why is that ? Partly because of the bird flu epizootic affecting duck farms. This probably did not escape your notice, especially if you wanted to order duck in a restaurant. A real shortage due to bird flu is taking place. The production of foie gras, in 2022, will be reduced by half.

“The consequences are particularly serious with 16 million poultry slaughtered in the country, including 11 million in the Great West. Last year, 3.5 million poultry were killed”tells us Ouest-France.

If the foie gras is likely to be absent, you will not be able to console yourself with champagne. It is because of the strong foreign demand that we risk ending up with desperately empty shelves. Unfortunately, to taste champagne, you will probably have to pay a high price. But for those who can’t afford it, then the end of the year celebrations will be without this French sparkling wine.

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