Shopping trip in Saumur and surroundings. The point on the news of shops, restaurants…


Change of ownership for the Saint-Cloud

A new mobile phone repairer in the Leclerc center

Life and business coaching

In September, Christophe Vandamme Sonia Renault and Sophie David Auvray created the coaching firm Wizz Coaching, located on the island of Offard in Saumur. They thus offer coaching sessions for individuals as well as for professionals, with individual or group times. These certified and trained professional coaches thus offer work in animations, workshops or conferences around personal life, professional life, team building, etc. They indicate:Accompany you at different stages of your professional life. You form at different techniques of the self-awareness. invite you to reflect on your behavior and attitudes, individually Where in band (Entertainment, Workshops, Conferences). Accompany you at different stages of your life private : alliance, birth, adolescence, disability, divorce, bereavement, separation, conflict, violence, moving, transmission, various choices…”

The Karma bar 2.0 is for sale

It’s the end of a short adventure for this Saumur bar on rue Saint-Nicolas. The establishment which had indeed been taken over in July 2019, shortly before the first episodes of the covid-19 epidemic. Bad karma! This will also have been partly because of this bar which was intended to be innovative where the beer was self-service. However, the bar remains open until a buyer is found. To be continued to find out if the karma bar will keep its identity or if it will be transformed into something else.

Maelou’s universe

At the beginning of September, a new business dedicated to the world of children opened its doors at 8 rue Beaurepaire in Saumur. L’univers de Maëlou is a concept store for children that offers eco-responsible products such as games, clothing and decoration accessories. There will also be products from local creative artisans. It is directed by Clara Meyer.

A U Express in Bagneux

At the beginning of October, a new U Express store opened its doors in the delegated municipality of Bagneux. It opened in place of the old Diagonal and is managed by Alexandra and Laurent Laffitte. A dozen employees work in this store of just over 700m2. The U express is open all day without interruption from Monday to Saturday and opens its doors on Sunday morning until 12:30 p.m.


JLB Formatic is moving bigger

The computer hardware and services company JLB Formatic moved last June to larger premises at 8 bis rue des Fontaines. The adventure begins in 1989, in the prehistory of microcomputing. Jean-Louis Breheret (JLB, ​​it’s him) starts a training activity in office software and a little computer science, from his garage. Mickaël joined his father in 1992, followed by his sister Anne-Sophie in 1995. In 1996, they opened their first store. The history of the small Breheret company then marries that of the rise of information technology. Mr. Breheret retired in 2006. JLB Formatic has also recently moved into refurbished computers and telephones. The company also specializes in software for professionals, particularly in the construction industry, and traders, with a large “installation and repair” activity, provided by Mickaël. The duo opened a second store in Vihiers in 2015. The move to more spacious premises in Doué-en-Anjou allows them to display more equipment, and to accommodate a BTS student on a work-study basis.

Gérald Foullard, locksmith-metalworker has moved

Gérald Foullard has moved his studio to the ZI de la Saulaie, at 921 rue de la Croix-Germain. It thus goes from 90 to 300m2, and can now accommodate its customers in comfort.


A stone engraver, specialized in funerals

Louis Bourdeau recently created his stone engraving business, mainly for the funeral sector. If it is based in Vaudelnay, it operates on the other hand on the whole and Maine-et-Loire and surroundings in roaming and directly in the cemeteries. It works both for professionals in the sector and for individuals. “Each monument is unique and traces the history of a family. Let’s design together the solution that best suits your wishes. Create a new engraving, restore an old engraving. Add an engraved pattern, cover an old engraving with a custom plate. Engrave on a stele, a tombstone, a plaque, a vase, a monument jamb…”he explains on his website.

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