She takes her dog to the park and loses sight of him, before finding him in a touching scene (video)

After a short moment of panic, the owner of a dog who briefly escaped his surveillance was spotted at the park where she had taken him. He hadn’t walked away, just made a new friend. The scene moved her so much that she filmed it and shared the video on social media.

Blue is a dog brimming with energy and affection. Qualities that he expresses not only with his family, but also with all those who come across him on his daily walks. The video recently posted by its owner on TikTok and of which it is question here is the most beautiful of the illustrations.

Illustration of the article: She takes her dog to the park and loses sight of him, before finding him in a touching scene (video)
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Do you have a cat or a dog?

That day, Augusta D. took his dog Blue at the park as she regularly did. As a regular at the place, the black-robed canine hastened to join his congeners to play with them.

The quadruped never leaves his mistress, who keeps an eye on him while he enjoys himself among the merry pack.

This time, on the other hand, and for a short time, Augusta D. no longer saw him in the midst of his fellows, who were numerous in the park at that time.

The “disappearance” of Blue only lasted a few seconds, but for his mistress it was an eternity. Worried, she began to look frantically around the park, then ended up finding her 4-legged companion.

Always present when it comes to offering “a little extra love”

Seeing him again both relieved and touched her, because Blue hadn’t broken away from his group for any reason. He was, in fact, seated opposite a man who was alone on a bench. Visibly delighted with this surprise visit, the latter gave him hugs that the dog seemed to greatly appreciate.


Blue always finds people who need a little extra love ???? #dog #puppy #rescue #puppylove #adopt #mutt

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Blue had just made a new friend, probably because he sensed that this person was looking for comfort. This dog ” always find people who need a little extra love “, indeed explains Augusta D. at The Dodo.

The owner of Blue is not the only one to have been moved by his attitude. On TikTokwhere the video has amassed 1.4 million views since it was uploaded on October 28, more than 800 users have commented to express their amazement.


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