She settled in Arcisses… to breed dachshunds of a color not always recognized

Rébecca Cohen raises dachshund dogs of a very particular color in Arcisses. ©CF

In Arcisses (Eure-et-Loir), Rébecca Cohen is one of those people who like to live their passion to the full.

“One of the reasons for my installation”

Because she loves dogs, she decided to settle in this small Eurelian town eleven years ago.

“This is one of the reasons for my settling in this town,” she enthuses.

Piebald color: a color not always recognized

And this woman has been raising piebald-colored dachshunds for seven years. A color not recognized in France and that we would rarely find. 80% of the dogs belonging to this woman come from Russia, Germany or Italy. This does not prevent him from having his own family breeding. This includes seven breeders.

Dogs not resulting from genetic manipulation

“I like things that are different. And this color is recognized in other countries. Dachshunds of this color are not genetically engineered. »

They have no genetic problems.

Rebecca Cohen

Back to the 19th century

As Rébecca Cohen explains, this complexion dates back to the 19e century.

“During the first exhibitions which took place in the United Kingdom, in Germany or even in the United States, dachshunds of this color had a great success. »

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Two states have recognized this color

Moreover, Canada and the United States are the only two States not to have followed the decision of the International Cynological Federation (FCI) to exclude white coats. This thanks to the hard work of Sandy Russella kennel breeder.

Color, yes. But not at the expense of health or standard. The goal being that they are again admitted by the FCI.

Different from the double merle…

Rébecca Cohen insists on one point. This color should not be confused with that of the double merle. The marriage between these two colors is also to be avoided, because it causes diseases in puppies.

“For this, DNA tests can be carried out in order to differentiate one from the other. »

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